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Dr. El-Sayed Hamid Hassan Mohammed


Holds Bachelors of Economics, Cairo University – Sudan, Msc. Islamic Takaful, Omduramn Islamic University- Sudan & PhD. Holder in Islamic Insurance from Omdurman Islamic University- Sudan. The Ph.D. is the first in Sudan focusing on deep-rooting, and originating the concept as well as the practice of Insurance from the Islamic Sharia Recourses (Holy Qur’an, Sunnah, Fiqh, Usulul Fiqh, Islamic Jurisprudence, Fiqh Legal Maxims). He attended many training courses in Fiqh Al-Muamalat as well as Technical Insurance in many Countries all over the world such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Britain, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Lebanon and South Africa.

He is a Member of Sudanese Ulamas (Scholars) Organization, Muslims Ulamas (Scholars) Experts in Islamic Insurance to the International Islamic Fiqh Academy among others During his (33) years Professional Experience in Insurance (21 years in the field of Takaful and (12) years in the Property Insurance field, he established Takaful Project for Islamic Arab Insurance Co, (I.A.I.C), (Dallah-Al-Baraka Group) Jeddah Saudi Arabia, and worked as Manager for the project, Takaful Project for Sheikan Ins. Co. –Khartoum and worked as Senior-Assistant Managing Director Takaful, Established Takaful project for Qatar Islamic Takaful Company-Doha, Established Takaful Project in Baraka Insurance Company- Khartoum, and worked as Deputy General Manager, Contributed in Establishing of Takaful Section for Watania Cooperative Ins. Company, Khartoum, Prepared and executed more than 60 training courses in Sudan Emirates and Bahrain in Islamic Insurance, Participated as Instructor in many training courses which were prepared for different Sudanese Organizations, Lecturing in “Islamic Insurance Principles and Practice” inside and outside Sudan, Won The First Sheikh/Salih Kamel Award in Islamic Economics - Insurance Branch 1990 and the Third Award in Zakaat Branch 1990, One of the main speakers and researchers to the Cooperative Insurance Forum organized by the Islamic Organization for Economics and Finance affiliated to International Islamic League, Mekkah, Saudi Arabia.

He Has more than (40) researches in Islamic Insurance and currently the Chairman, Advisory Council of Experts, Jaiz Takaful Insurance Plc.